I am a small independent, family run, shop.

I have hobbies in Drawing, Painting, Woodworking and Leatherwork. 

This may seem like an eclectic mix, but this gives me the ability to design whatever we need to, in order to make your gift or special project come to life. 

First you give me a product idea (i.e. Belt, Purse, bookbag, or even a drawing/painting).  Second, you tell me your interests (i.e. horses, bears, flying, etc).  Then, we discuss, redraw and come up with a custom product, that only you will have, unless you order several of that item.  You will be the only person that can order that specific product from us.

Because of this process, and the fact that everything is a one off item, it takes time to get this done.  If you need something NOW, then we are NOT the shop for this project.  If you have 6-8 weeks to receive your item, then I guarantee that you will be satisfied with working with us.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.